Tattoo Aftercare

Taking Care of a New Tattoo

Aftercare: Tattoo

Always remember to wash your hands before touching your new tattoo

  • 1 Remove Saniderm bandaid after 24 hours!
  • 2 Wash the Tattoo gently 3 to 4 times a day using a mild soap. Use warm water.
  • 3 Always pat your Tattoo dry using a soft cloth or towel. Never rub a new tattoo.
  • 4 Apply a small amount of tattoo aftercare product. Use only recommended ointment 3 to 4 a day for the first 3 to 4 days. Continue as necessary. It is important to use only a small amount. Do not over-apply. DO NOT USE VASELINE OR POLYSPORINE.
  • 5 A slight protective scab will form in about two days. DO NOT scratch or pick at the tattoo. DO NOT expose the tattoo to direct sunlight.
  • 6 Healing will be complete in approximately 7 to 10 days.
  • 7 DO NOT soak in a bath and NO swimming until the skin is completely healed.
  • 8 Proper Care during healing will ensure detail and color.
  • 9 If you have any questions, call Paris Ink at (905) 845-7465. DO NOT rely on information from anyone but a professional tattoo artist.


You may rinse your tattoo if dirt is present, but never soak your tattoo, and do not enter a pool or sauna with a fresh tattoo. Do not expose to sunlight for at least four weeks or until the tattoo is healed. To preserve your tattoo, once it is healed, apply sunblock to the tattoo if it will be exposed to the sun. Do not soak the tattoo in water (bathing or swimming) for at least two weeks or until healed. If you work out (esp. cardiovascular or aerobic), take some time off. Profuse sweating has the same effect on new tattoos as soaking in water. Wear loose clothing that can allow your healing tattoo to breathe. Note: Average healing time for the tattoo is 7-14 days; Healing time varies; peeling skin is normal. It is completely normal for your healing tattoo to itch. Don't pick or scratch; this will cause damage to the design. If it itches, apply more lotion or cream. Let it heal naturally. Any touch-up work required can be done up to three months from your tattoo date. Thereafter, any additional details or work added will be done at your cost.